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#LeadersTalk with Michael Levy, VP Research & Innovation, AAQIUS

The latest technologies and product innovations of AAQIUS

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During the World Future Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Michael Levy, Vice President of Research and Innovation talks to GineersNow TV about their latest innovations, product development and 2018 plans within the automotive and microelectronics industries.

About the Leader


MICHAEL F. LEVY, Vice-President – Research & Innovation

He has extensive hands-on experience in managing and financing disruptive technology innovation in the semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace and automotive industries, in start-ups, small businesses, and multinationals: R&D project management at Hughes Aircraft Company / General Motors and Eaton Corporation; Sales & Marketing at Tyco Electronics, Riber SA, and Inergy Automotive Systems; Mergers & Acquisitions at Honeywell.

As an active member of the Licensing Executive Society, Michael  Levy also promotes licensing best practices and financial valuation techniques to the research community.


AAQIUS: creating “low-CO2” technology standards

AAQIUS is a company specialising in the development, industrialisation and market deployment of innovative and disruptive “low-carbon” technology standards for the energy and mobility sector worldwide.

AAQIUS has to-date successfully created three “low-CO2” technology solutions in the area of engine emissions controls; each solution has already become a global standard in the automotive industry.

AAQIUS’ growth has been built on a unique Research and Business model that combines strong technical expertise, disruptive innovations, and the ability to successfully develop these innovations into profitable businesses through the creation of technology standards on a global scale.  The deployment of these solutions requires that AAQIUS organise and structure long-term partnerships with all of the key players in the value-chain. 

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STOR-H by AAQIUS: the new energy standard for green mobility

In 2009 AAQIUS launched its internal development of a disruptive means of storing hydrogen safely and easily in order to accelerate the deployment of “zero-CO2” mobility.

Protected by over 150 patents, the STOR-H technology enables the solid storage of hydrogen, at very low pressures, in safe easy-to-use cartridges that can be distributed in vending machines, thus eliminating the need for expensive and intrusive infrastructure.

A proprietary IT platform and its smartphone APP allows both businesses (BTB) and consumers (BTC) access to the STOR-H ecosystem, where they can manage their mobility needs and/or their energy needs.  The IT platform and APP allow the STOR-H business model to be easily replicated and scaled up during the rollout of the STOR-H ecosystem worldwide.

The deployment of STOR-H targets the production of hydrogen from renewable energies through the electrolysis of water.  This makes STOR-H an effective catalyst in the creation of a true “zero-CO2” hydrogen value chain in each area of the world where it is being deployed.



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