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#LeadersTalk with Biofouling Solutions Australia

Biofouling Solutions Australia talks to GineersNow TV

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During the OSEA exhibition at Mandalay Bay Singapore, Renee Tigges, Marine Scientist, Sales & Marketing of Biofouling Solutions, one of the most respected solution provider of biosecurity in Australia talks to GineersNow TV about their latest immersible technologies, biofouling treatment innovations and the maritime industry expectations.

About Biofouling Solutions 

Biofouling Solutions was established in 2008 in response to the increasing global environmental threat posed by the translocation of Invasive Marine Species (IMS) through biofouling. Our staff include highly trained marine biologists who combine their diverse range of skills and experience to scientific, environmental and industrial applications.

We travel globally to provide specialist marine biosecurity services to maritime industries and regulators. Our reputation is built on our specialist expertise, independence and integrity, innovative solutions and a high standard of reporting and quality control.

We specialise in pragmatic management of IMS risks via reducing the potential for their transport and introduction. We have specific expertise in managing biofouling on man-made surfaces including a wide range of immersible infrastructure, the external surfaces of a diverse array of complex vessels and within internal seawater systems.

Our team are capable of rapidly mobilising to anywhere in the world and have a proven track record of successfully inspecting and managing IMS risks for some of the largest and most diverse vessels and infrastructure in the world. We are experienced in developing, testing and implementing a wide range of biofouling treatments and management regimes that can be applied to any maritime vessels or infrastructure.

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In order to further diversify and strengthen Biofouling Solutions’ capabilities, we recently combined forces with Mr Derek Tan (Leading Marine Technology Pte Ltd) and integrated our respective strengths to offer technical expertise in commercial diving and innovative solutions to biofouling and invasive marine species management with in-water cleaning technologies.

We believe our integrated resources will strengthen and support the on-going development of new scientifically proven, cost-effective and user-friendly in-water cleaning and treatment technologies, for hull grooming to reduce fuel consumption and the unwanted dispersal of invasive marine species.


About Renée Tigges

Renne Tigges: Marine Scientist / Sales & Marketing

Renée graduated from the Australian Maritime College in 1999 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries). Since graduating Renée has held research support roles with various Australian research institutes.

Renée’s experience in marine ecology provides a solid foundation for working with biofouling and Invasive Marine Species (IMS). Renee is an ADAS qualified commercial diver and was a marine research diver for 11 years before joining Biofouling Solutions.

Renée joined Biofouling Solutions in 2012 and is a recognised IMS Inspector. She has conducted IMS inspections and coordinated cleaning operations of vessels in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Western Australia.

Renée has recently become involved in the marketing and distribution of Biofouling Solutions’ In-water Cleaning Technologies, and is available to answer queries and provide information on our range of products.


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