Tips To Keep Millennial Engineers Inspired at Work

Inspiration can be hard to come by, so here’s what you can do to find it.

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Every millennial engineer has had this feeling. It’s not just a simple feeling wherein you don’t want to go to work, it’s the kind wherein you feel partly depressed, and mostly unmotivated to go to work anymore due to a number of circumstances. That’s why some of us need that occasional “vacation” leave so we can charge ourselves up and go back to work refreshed and recharged.

But what if you don’t have any leaves left, and you’ve called in sick too many times. Here are some things you can do.

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1) Treat  yourself. Go buy yourself you favorite coffee on your way to work. Schedule lunch plans with friends or even alone if you prefer to, like a workout, a get-together with friends, movie time at home. Remind yourself that these things are better than being guilty because you called in sick, and giving awkward excuses in the process.

2) Use a mantra.  Choose a mantra that you can continuously repeat to yourself when you’re in a pinch, like “I can do this!”  or  Dory’s “Just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo.

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3) Take it one step at a time. Don’t rush things. Take baby steps. Wake up, get out of bed, go take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, get out of the door, etc. When you do the little little things that move you forward, you will slowly gain momentum for the day.

4) Make things easier for yourself. Go get a cab instead of the bus, wear something you’re comfortable with, lighten your load by crossing things off your “To Do List”. Ask help from your partner, friends and family.

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5) Shift into autopilot. We can’t be 100% productive all the time. There will be those days wherein you just can’t give it your best even if you want to. So, at times like these, remember that it’s alright to give what you can during these unmotivated days. Running at a slower pace is fine, as long as you get your job done properly.

6) Fly under the radar. If you’re in your low motivation days, it isn’t the best time to be having long interactions with your boss or team. Do everything you can to limit interactions. Keep your interactions brief and cordial so your day will be more manageable.

7) Do the work that is easiest for you. Maybe today isn’t the day you’re going to finish big project, but keep in mind, doing just a bit–no matter how small– is better than staying at home and calling in sick. Remember, baby steps.

8) Offer help to somebody else. When you’re in the dumps, it sometimes helps to help other people. Like helping a colleague who can’t figure out that excel formula, or maybe giving  your team some tips to make their job easier. It’ll keep your woes away from your head, even just for a bit. By helping other people, you will feel that you have a purpose and will feel more motivated.

9) Practice gratitude. Usually, we focus on the reasons why we don’t want to go to work. So it’s better if we focus on the good parts. Think positive. Be thankful that you are alive, that you have a job, that you aren’t actually sick. Gratitude attracts good energy.

10) Practice self-care. Every morning and before you go to bed, do a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation to revitalize yourself. If you can, take breaks whenever you can at work. Clear your mind by walking around the block at work. Eat healthy, and exercise. If your budget allows you, go get a massage, manicure or pedicure. If you’re into reading, go read a good book, prepare a relaxing bubble bath or do some yoga. Refuel yourself, so you’ll be prepared to take on the next day.

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